It’s hard to pin-point the start of my love affair with knives. I have always held a fondness
for the outdoors, and thanks to my father have enjoyed fishing and shooting from a young
age. This probably facilitated my first encounter with ‘man’s iron claw’ and – catalyzed by
80’s action movies and a vivid imagination – my interest was born.

For many years I simply bought cheap knives that I liked the look of; in the days before the
internet it was nigh on impossible to find like-minded, knowledgeable people. Once the web
arrived, things changed and I was introduced to the world of quality production and
custom knives. Well, my pocket money soon ran out and I couldn’t afford to sate my
appetite for all the pretty knives I was seeing, so it seemed a natural progression to start
making things for myself.

I started making sheaths, but soon that wasn’t enough. Encouraged by other knife makers
(thank you Scott Hardy), and no doubt helped by having inherited some of my mother’s
artistic talent and my father’s practical know-how, I made my first blade from an old file
in 1996. I made the whole thing using a 6” bench grinder and charcoal forge. Unable to
stop, I worked into the small hours to finish it, and I still have that knife today. The feeling
of satisfaction from creating a working tool with my own hands was quite something, and
despite many initial hiccups, I haven’t stopped since.

While perfecting my craft, I spent 10 years manning the doors of Nottingham nightclubs,
did a stint in Royal Marines, and built a career as a fitness instructor and mixed martial
arts trainer. These days, however, I devote most of my time to making knives in my north
Staffordshire workshop. I work alone and, as far as is possible, keep all processes 'in-
house.’ I do all my own heat-treatment (including cryogenics) as well as my own kydex and
leatherwork. I use a wide variety of steels (O1, 52100, RWL-34, Damasteel and various CPM
grades, to name a few), while my handle materials range from space-age carbon fibres to
ancient mammoth ivory.

I’ll work closely with a customer to make a knife to their own design, or tailor one of
mine to fit – and, being handmade, each knife has unique characteristics that add to the
pride of ownership.

I welcome any correspondence from fellow knife enthusiasts, so please feel free to contact
me with questions or comments.